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I used to work as a Dentist & also as a Public Health expert in Indonesia. But since I moved to Germany, my main activity is cooking & I'm certainly Happy with it! During my free time, I love to working in my garden as well..:)

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Most of the Plant photos in here are from my house in Neukirchen-Knüll, Germany..but some of it (in pots) are from my apartment in Frankfurt. Please don`t steal the photos..if U want to have it, just ask and I will gladly send it to U . Thank`s for visiting my Blog.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Days4

Dahlia Ball Dark Pink (Ball Dahlie Dunkle Rosa)
Dahlia Ball Night Queen
Dahlia Fancy

Dahlia Debora Renae

Dahlia Cactus Cultivar

Dahlia Anemone Flowered Red


Rose Orange-Zier Strauchrose leuchtendes Kupfer Rose

Rose Orange-Zier Strauchrose leuchtendes Kupfer Rose


Euphorbia lathyris (lathyrus)-Mole plant (Kreuzblättrige Wolfsmilch)

Spring Days4

Pelargonium grandiflorum Hybride (Edelpelargonie)
Pelargonium grandiflorum Hybride (Edelpelargonie)

Pelargonium x hortorum (Pelargonien)
Pelargonium x hortorum (Pelargonien)
Primula Elatior Bright Red-Polyantha Primrose                    Primula Elatior Silver Lace Black Hybrids-Silver Lace Primrose
(Primeln)                                                                             (Gesäumte Primeln)
Primula Vulgaris Dark Pink-Primrose (Primeln)                     Primula Vulgaris Pink-Primrose (Primeln)
Primula Vulgaris White-Primrose (Primeln)                           Primula Vulgaris Yellow-Primrose (Primeln)
Sinningia speciosa-Red white Florist`s Gloxinia                    Phedimus Spurium-Two row Stonecrop
(Gloxinie)                                                                              (Kaukasus-Asienfetthenne)
Tagetes Orange-Orange Marigold (Gelborange                      Tagetes patula-French Marigold (Studentenblumen)
Tagetes erecta × T. patula-Mule Marigold                              Xerochrysum bracteatum-Yellow Strawflower
(Afro-French Studentenblumen Hybride)                              (Garten-Strohblume)
Xerochrysum bracteatum-Orange Red Strawflower (Garten-Strohblume)