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I used to work as a Dentist & also as a Public Health expert in Indonesia. But since I moved to Germany, my main activity is cooking & I'm certainly Happy with it! During my free time, I love to working in my garden as well..:)

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Most of the Plant photos in here are from my house in Neukirchen-Knüll, Germany..but some of it (in pots) are from my apartment in Frankfurt. Please don`t steal the photos..if U want to have it, just ask and I will gladly send it to U . Thank`s for visiting my Blog.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Spring Days1

Aubrieta deltoidea & Aurinia saxatilis-Purple                       Aubrieta deltoidea-Purple rock cress
rock cress & Basket of gold (Griechisches                             (Griechisches Blaukissen)
Blaukissen & Felsen-Steinkraut)

Hyacinthus Orientalis Jan Bos, Narcissus, Tulipa,                Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Pearl,
Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica,                                   Aubrieta deltoidea & Pulsatilla Patens
Fritillaria Imperialis Lutea, Allium Vineale Hair

Hyacinthus Orientalis Jan Bos-Dutch Hyacinth            Hyacinthus Orientalis Sky Jacket-
(Garten-Hyazinthe)                                                     Blue Garden Hyacinth (Garten-Hyazinthe)

Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Pearl & Muscari                           Muscari Armeniacum-Armenian Grape Hyacinth
Armeniacum-Pink Garden Hyacinth &                                   (ArmenischeTraubenhyazinthe)
Armenian Grape Hyacinth (Garten-Hyazinthe                
& Armenische Traubenhyazinthe)

Glandularia-Mock verbenas (Eisenkrautgewächse                  Lavandula-Lavender

Crocus Vernus-Spring crocus (Frühlings-Krokus)

Narcissus-Daffodil (Narzissen)                          Phlox subulata-Mountain Phlox (Polster Phlox)

Dianthus Plumarius Rose de Mai-Gillyflower (Garten             Dichelostemma multiflorum-Roundtooth Snakelily

Pulsatilla Patens-Eastern pasqueflower (Finger-Kuhschelle)

Pulsatilla Vernalis-Spring pasqueflower                                Iris Hybrid x Hollandica Blue Diamond-
(Frühlings-Kuhschelle)                                                          Dutch Iris Blue Diamond

Iris Tall Bearded Hybrid Afternoon Delight

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